A new day, a fresh start and a theme song to go with it. The first time I heard this track by Kyoto born Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi, I did an instant double take. Under the name ‘cuushe‘ this deam pop artist perfects the balance of a sunrise dance track that you want to keep on loop until you’re dozing off to sleep.

Mayuko reflects on her home recording experience: “The walls are really thin in Japan, and if you sing loudly you’re going to annoy your neighbors. Plus I do a lot of recording at night.” I suppose we can partially thank thin walls for her soft vocals and beautifully reserved tracks, and I admire when artists like this have elements to overcome that prove to shape their signature sound.

I highly recommend checking out her other music when you get a chance. Her artwork is appropriately stitched with anime and dreamy visual elements. Personally, there’s a nostalgic element to her music that reminds me of when I first fell in love with DJ Koze, Gui Boratto, Ada and many other artist related to the seminal German based label KOMPAKT records back around 2007.

Here’s a very very special bonus DJ mix that cuushe did for FADER starting off the list directly below.

While cuushe is actually on Flau and Cascine records, it feels relevant enough to share a few KOMPAKT related bonus tracks ranging over the past 10 years or so.