CLOAKS X CANDLES is a lifestyle, music and arts mag focused on open dialogue about humanity and the creative experience.

CLOAKS X CANDLES is about re-discovering the lost arts and having an open dialogue about humanity and the creative experience. Over the years I have personally experienced an overwhelming lack of sincere and meaningful human connections despite our ever growing quantity of connections through the social media platforms. As humans, we recognize our need for human and spiritual connection, but we’re far too often resorting to activities that are only the facade or illusion of genuine interaction without the tools to remain emotionally and mentally grounded. Whether it is physical social gatherings or digital interactions on social media we risk the possibility of going through motions only to end the day feeling relatively alone.

This resulting loneliness can happen no matter how many friends, family members or fans that surround us because simply being in ones company does not necessarily mean there is any interpersonal connection or even the most important… connection with the Self. Loneliness in this sense, turns in to depression, disillusionment, feelings of apathy and results in questioning ones own value and purpose for living. These feelings directly affect our sense of well being, productivity, focus, creativity and understanding of loving others. Simply put: we have forgotten what it is to be human and to appreciate real intimacy with others, and ourselves.

I believe that we’ve dismissed too many of the history proven methods for connecting with each other as well as our own hearts, souls and mind. Through writing about our own meditations and ongoing trials, I hope it may open up a dialogue for us to share together ways to better ourselves and find creative ways to share it with others.

Here via CLOAKS X CANDLES, myself and other contributing writers will be offering a more intimate look than elsewhere on mainstream social media sites. This might get uncomfortable sometimes when we choose to get raw about certain topics. This is not for everyone, but hopefully everyone can learn from the perspectives shared here. After all, beneath our cloaks we are all inquisitive, uniquely special, beautiful humans.

If you read this far, it means you might actually enjoy some of the random shit we have to say. Let’s get together and drink about it. Enjoy the music and the feels.

Destin Jacobus | Curator of CLOAKS X CANDLES MAG