Bal Pare – Hamburg Paris Cantania (1982)

Hailing from 1982, this album from Bal Pare is a prophetic message from the past. It’s not hard to spot very blatant moments that inspired the modern synth wave, electro and italo renaissance. Strap in for a kick start into a cold space voyage. This is a record that should be revered… or if nothing else, be the soundtrack to a ride at Disney’s Epcot.

Personal highlights include: “Die Idioten”, “Venuszepter” & “La Chute”. “Agitare Prima Dell’Uso” is also mind blowing considering what year this came out.

Bonus since we’re talking about 1982:

Most People – Telephone

Thanks to our buddy Scott for suggesting this at our HUSH night. I had never heard of this group but after checking this tune out I’ll be impatiently waiting for new tracks from them. Upon listening, ‘Telephone’ conjured a very nostalgic feeling of late summer evenings blasting The Editors albums while driving into the sunset. After only a few weeks this has solidified itself as a summer staple for not only pre-gaming but all throughout the night. Hit play and enjoy proper good feels.

Inhalt – Programming

Lorn – A/D, Music For Picture

Priest – Reloader

Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor

Dogory Nogami – Nostra (Bruxa Mix)


S U R V I V E – Hourglass

Pastel Ghost – Possession

Brand new single from Pastel Ghost.

Silk Wolf – Cocoon (Cloaks Exclusive)

“Cocoon” is a brand new sneak peek from Silk Wolf teasing his forthcoming ambient album / film score project. The final release will be available digitally and in a limited edition art bundle package exclusively released in conjunction with us here at CLOAKS X CANDLES.

We Love – No Train No Plane

Keluar (Self Titled)

Keluar (2014) successfully straddles a special place somewhere between Synth Wave, Cold Wave, 80s Goth, Witch House and retro EBM in way that I’ve heard very few other modern bands pull off. The Berlin based duo Zoè Zanias and Sid Lamar maintain a very focused and raw signature sound through the use of sticking to their choice synthesizers and drum programming, which seems to be a struggle with most modern electronic musicians at the moment. The resistance to incorporate every cool synth, virtual instrument plugin and effect on the market is an important one and this is an album that is exemplary of that point for me personally. They stick to their weapons of choice through the entire album and it really pays off. Check out the album from start to finish, but if nothing else pay close attention to the opening track “Cleo”, “Eremus” which would work well sliding it in to a stompy Industrial dancefloor set, (Hmm.. maybe we’ll do a special edit of it..), the downtempo approach of “Threads”, the Grimes-like instrumentation of “Coralline” and the bonus remixes at the end of the album. From start to finish, I really like the flow of energy. If you like them, be sure to also familiarize yourself with Figure Study and Linea Aspera included below in the bonus tracks.   

Bonus tracks:

In bonus because if you made it this far, you deserve for me to tell you a secret from my record crate. A year after their self titled album, Keluar released the 2015 Panguna EP (which is incredible), that featured a remix by one of my all time favorite producers: The Hacker. Check the remix he did of Keluar’s “Panguna” featured below.

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