It would nearly be impossible to have a decent conversation about modern couture fashion (hell, or any sort of modern fashion for that matter) without mentioning Alexander McQueen and Nick Knight. Each is a legend in their own standing and their collaborations changed the fashion industry forever with mind blowing shoots such as the infamous Blade of Light. Whether you are familiar with it or this is something new to you, I’m excited to share one of my personal favorite behind the scene looks at the creative process behind this piece. Nick Knight has always had an obsession for capturing not just a finished product, but all of the process from start to finish. This segment brought to us from SHOWstudio (Knight’s own founded and directed website) sheds light on not only the subjects, but on the artists as they think outside of the box and work together in producing the surreal finished result.

Consider what happens when we take pride in not only the finished work, but all of the problem solving, brainstorming and execution of our choices along the way, pausing from time to time to take a step back, enjoy the moment, and then dive back in to the process.